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Why Source Local
Marc Angelo

When embarking on finding appropriate wholesalers you will come across the following conundrum: Do I source locally or internationally?

We often hear about the great manufacturing power and fashion savviness of businesses abroad, yet fail to look within our own backyards for reputable and talented people who are readily available to work with. The allure of clothing from abroad may seem like the best option, but it is worthwhile taking the time to consider using local fashion wholesalers.

One of the main advantages of domestic wholesalers is the short shipping time. When a wholesaler is domestically located it is easier to fulfill deliveries and, in some cases, you can even go directly to their place of business to pick up orders. Costs can be cut as delivery charges are not as high or can even be completely removed if you can pick up the items yourself. This eliminates the possibility of items being mishandled as the delivery or pick up process is relatively simple and to the point.

As a buyer, you are also able to peruse their product offering by visiting their showroom and having the opportunity to feel the items and check for quality. Visiting their business site also helps in the process of developing a relationship with the wholesaler, becoming a familiar face is advantageous and you become more comfortable within the business relationship.

Furthermore, there are no barriers to communication as you will be dealing with people who share your cultural nuances and language, eliminating any fatal mistakes and errors that can come with communication being lost in translation. Disputes are easier to resolve and the wholesaler is easier to contact. Local clothing wholesalers may have a greater understanding of your customer base. Often, they have worked within this industry for a long time dealing with other like-minded boutiques and retail stores with similar clientele. They can advise you on trends and patterns that are re-occurring and will be much more informed on the specifics of your geographical location.

Using domestic wholesalers also promotes design and manufacturing which is homegrown and true to the heritage of your locale. Supporting local design teams and manufacturers allows for a revitalisation of these disciplines and you are able to advertise that your clothing is designed and/ or manufactured close to home, which can be a very lucrative advertising tool for consumers who want to support local design. You become a part of the fabric of your community by supporting business within it.

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